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My Birthday and Jake is Making His First Batch of Home Made Beer!

5 November 2009 19 Comments

What's up folks?  Hope everyone is having a GREAT week!  I know I am!  And nooooo, it's not just because of beer hahah.. I usually have a great week every week!  Lovin life!

Soooo  Last Saturday, Halloween, was my birthday!  Yeah I'm a Halloween baby!  Spooky huh? ha!

Anyway, Misty had been keeping my birthday weekend a secret and I had no idea what was going on.  We love surprising each other and she totally outdid me this year haha..  Friday night, before my b'day, she had a nice evening planned.  We all met after work and went to a nice restaurant, family and friends, food and drinks.  It was very nice.. Harpers in Greensboro, NC was the name of the place.  After that she had reserved seats for us at the comedy zone!  It was GREAT!   Both comics were hilarious!

We had a great evening and I loved hanging out with family and friends!

Golf at Silo RunAs if that wasn't enough... Saturday morning Misty woke me up and told me we had to leave at a certain time.  I had NO CLUE what was going on!  I kinda thought we were just going to breakfast or something??  We did go grab a quick bite and after that, well Misty had set up a tee time at a golf course that I've been wanting to play at!  Silo Run is the name of it.  It was very sweet of her to go and ride in the cart with me and she even invited a friend of ours, Ken from Round Peak Winery.  It was a drizzly and rainy day and we got soaked, but it was great and we all had fun!

After that, Misty took me to Sanders Ridge Winery!  Great food!  Great wine!  Aren't I just the luckiest guy on earth?  :)

Well I hadn't even opened my gifts yet so I got to do that when we got home!  I loved everything and got some awesome gifts!  New Duke Blue Devil head covers for my golf clubs, some cloths and some other cool things!

One of my gifts was something I never expected but I've blogged about it, talked about it and had planned on buying it myself...  yup, I got a Mr Beer kit to brew my own beer at home!  SWEET! haha  I was very excited!  AND, my wonderful daughter got me 4 cases of glass bottles and caps!! NICE!

Making My First Batch of Home Brew

Mr Beer Kit, make your own beerNow as if my birthday wasn't exciting enough... I got a gift that keeps on giving  haha.. ahhhh, the gift of beer!  Yeah I know some of you despise beer and I know some of you think it's evil and all that crap, and you can read my thoughts on that from my last blog post!

So anyway, I got the Mr Beer Kit Saturday and it was Tuesday before I could get everything laid out and find time to actually make my first batch!

I've learned a few things so far...

  • Making beer with the Mr Beer kit is SUPER EASY!
  • It's gonna be hard waiting 5 or 6 weeks for it to be done!
  • I have a lot to learn!

Now when I say the Mr Beer kit is super easy, I mean it!  There's great instructions, everything you need comes with the kit (if you get the one with bottles) and it only takes a few minutes to get the first batch one and fermenting!

When I say I have lots to learn...  I mean that there is sooo much more that you can do with or without the Mr Beer kit.  I've already joined a very popular forum about making beer and just from reading on it a couple of days, there's no doubt that I'm going to enjoy this beer making adventure!  You can keep it simple and use the Mr Beer kit refills and just follow directions and have great beer, or you can tweak here and there and do all sorts of things to create your own recipes or follow others recipes!  Cool huh?

What's The Cost When Using The Mr Beer Kit?

I know many folks are going to wonder about the cost.  Here's the way I see it.  Of course the kit is an initial cost but it's very affordable.  I recommend the $49.95 Premium Kit.  That way you will have everything you need to brew your own beer!  There is a kit for $39.95 but it doesn't come with bottles and.... you gotta have bottles haha.. Of course you can find or buy your own bottles but I'd recommend getting the premium kit to start with and having 8 plastic 1 liter reusable bottles and caps!

So after the initial cost, you can buy Mr Beer refills or you can buy ingredients from elsewhere and do your own thing.  But I'm telling ya, if you want to learn the ropes and make great beer, the Mr Beer kit is the way to go!

The refill kits start at like $12.95 up to $17.95 plus shipping.  So after the initial cost of the complete kit, you can figure your refills will end up costing you about $1.00 per beer.  Depending on what you buy, what kind of deals you find on shipping etc etc..  Well worth it to me!!

There will be some links at the bottom of this post from different places if you'd like to buy a kit or refills.

Now on to the videos!

Of course I wanted to video the process of my beer making experience.  At the moment I have two videos, one of me just kinda rambling and explaining everything and the second video just goes through the process and shows how easy it is to make your own beer with the Mr Beer kit.

After quite a bit of reading and talking to the experts at the forums, I plan on doing the 2-2-2 method!  Fermenting for 2 weeks, carbonating in the bottles for 2 weeks and cold conditioning in the fridge for 2 weeks!  UGGGGG, can I wait that long? haha.. actually I plan on bottling a bottle after 7 days just to try it, but I realize the longer you wait, the better the taste etc etc!

Sooo, check out the two videos below and feel free to rate the videos or comment on anything I've talked about!

Also, above and below the vids you'll see links if you'd like to purchase any of the kits or refills etc etc.!


CLICK HERE For Mr Beer Kits - Mr Beer Refills - Mr Beer Accessories

Jake is Making Beer with the Mr Beer kit - Part 1

Jake is Making Beer with the Mr Beer kit - Part 2

CLICK HERE For Mr Beer Kits - Mr Beer Refills - Mr Beer Accessories

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  • Andrew said:


    Happy (belated) birthday!

    It sounds like you great day. I love the picture on the golf course – you guys look like a wonderful couple.

    I’m glad to hear that you got exactly what you wanted. No doubt that kit will give you a great deal of joy over the coming months and years ahead.
    Andrew´s last blog ..Should models be sacked for being ‘too fat’ My ComLuv Profile


    Jake Reply:

    Thanks Andrew and thanks for the nice comment.. we are so happy and so in love and so ready for our wedding! It’s coming quick!


  • Diabetis said:

    Happy Belated Birthday!

    Thanks for sharing the video.

    How old are you now?
    Diabetis´s last blog ..Diabetes Drugs May Sap Your Energy My ComLuv Profile


    Jake Reply:




  • coffee tables said:

    wow happy birthday jake!

    anyways, here it is the video that I have been waiting for haha. nice, you had fun making it. But 2 weeks? haha that’s real deal of waiting.

    Thanks for the Video jake.


    Jake Reply:

    Thanks! I guess the next video will be me popping the top and doing a taste test haha.. I didn’t have the camera with me to show the bottling process but it’s very simple! I’ll blog about it when i have chance!


    coffee tables Reply:

    Hi Jake,

    Well I think you have to, there’s too many people here eager to watch that video haha.




  • Marketing Business Review said:

    HI Jake,

    So thats the way you make piss, oops mean beer, lol.

    Well it taste the same, lol. Did actually taste like real beer? IS it safe for your eye sight? lol.

    Marketing Business Review´s last blog ..How To Design An Opt-in Page Using This 10 Tips And Start Making Money Online My ComLuv Profile


    Jake Reply:

    I bottled my beer today and did take a little taste and YES haha it taste like beer!

    Going blind is an old wives tale.. I hope! haha


    Marketing Business Review Reply:

    Hi Jake,

    I forgot to ask you. Is it LEGAL? Lol. It sounds like you are in the Capone Era. Aren´t your real name Jake Capone? LOL.

    Im glad you enjoy it. Btw, Happy Birthday.



    Jake Reply:

    YES :)

    North Carolina statute Chapter 18B, Article 1, §18B-101 defines Malt Beverage as any beer, lager, malt liquor, ale, porter, and any other brewed or fermented beverage containing at least one-half of one percent (0.5%), and not more than fifteen percent (15%), alcohol by volume. North Carolina Chapter 18B, Article 3, §18B-306 permits an individual to make, possess, and transport native wines and malt beverages for his own use and for the use of his family and guests.

    I’m “thinking” up to 200 gallons per year but not sure on the amount.. maybe unlimited?


  • Mitch said:

    Hope you had a great birthday, Jake. I also hope you enjoyed your beer; don’t drink myself. lol
    Mitch´s last blog ..A Political Health Care Rant My ComLuv Profile


    Jake Reply:

    Thanks Mitch! It was great and anytime I make it another year, it’s a great day haha

    Beer is still cooking! 4 more weeks :)


  • water tanks said:

    Sounds like phenols in your beer. “This class of compounds can be produced by excessive heat during mashing and sparging, oversparging, , the use of chlorinated water, and the introduction of wild yeast.”


    Jake Reply:

    I have soo much to learn about making beer! Thanks for the comment!


  • crystal wine glasses said:

    Never made beer at home before. I ordered 5 different types of beer but they only make 2 gallons each. I’m asking because someone told me the less air in the fermented the better.


    Jake Reply:

    Well my fermenter is made for 2 gallons and I have no idea about the amount of air while fermenting? I know it’s critical when carbonating in the bottle, but I’m going to research the other!


  • water tanks said:

    Deep-frying demands refined vegetable oils, such as peanut, soy or canola. They won’t burn under sustained high heat, and they’ve got a neutral taste that won’t compete with the food.


  • harley rental miami said:

    Home made beer… that sounds so great. I drink some beer in my life and I must say that I like the essence of what makes water a beer. This product surely is something that is worth to see.


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