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Mr Beer Carbonation Update Plus Homemade Wine

5 December 2009 5 Comments

What's up folks... well it's a cold and rainy Saturday here in the NC foothills.  Not much going on today... just chillin around the house and working on a few things here and there.  Things have been going pretty well...  We had a wonderful Thanksgiving and I've got quite a bit of my Christmas shopping done.  The day after Thanksgiving we have a tradition of going to the mountains and cutting down a fresh Christmas tree so that was a fun time.  We got it up and decorated and ready for the holidays.  I'm sure Christmas will come and go as fast as all the other holidays do.  Where does time go????????

Update on My First Home Brew with Mr Beer

I hope you've checked out my previous videos on brewing my first batch of home brew using the Mr Beer kit.  If you haven't seen them CLICK HERE to check them out.  Since the last video where I Bottled My First Batch, several things have happened.

Remember the Mr Beer instructions say you can have beer in 2 weeks... well you can but it won't taste good haha..  Mr Beer says 1 week fermenting, 1 week carbonating and chill and drink.  NOT!  I'm sure that's one of the things that give the Mr Beer kits a bad reputation....  When I joined the online forums and started reading about the Mr Beer kits and talking and listening to the veterans... everyone said to use the 2-2-2 method.  2 weeks fermenting, 2 weeks carbonating and 2 weeks cold conditioning in the fridge.  THEY WERE RIGHT!

As I said in the previous video, I fermented for 12 days I think it was, and I planned on carbonating in the bottles for the 2 full weeks.  After one week of carbonating I put a bottle in the fridge to condition and after 4 days of cold conditioning I was dieing to do a taste test.  So I popped one open and poured it in a glass and.....  FLAT BEER!!!!!!!   It also tasted watery.  Soooo, I was a little concerned that I had either done something wrong or that the Mr Beer kits weren't what they were cracked up to be.

Fast Forward to Two Full Weeks of Carbonating

So just to recap...

  • I had 8 1 liter bottles of West Coast Pale Ale bottled after 12 days fermenting
  • I took 1 of the bottles and put in the fridge to cold condition after just one week of carbonating
  • After 4 days of cold conditioning I took that 1 bottle and did a taste test and it was flat and watery

The next thing I did was take 2 of the remaining 7 bottles and put them in the fridge.  These 2 bottles had been carbonating at 70 degrees for 2 full weeks.  After only 3 days in the fridge (remember that they need to cold condition for 2 weeks) I couldn't stand it so I had to try another bottle...

HUGE DIFFERENCE! The extra week of carbonating made a huge impact on the beer.  A nice foamy head and much better taste!  I was very excited!  The remaining 5 bottles carbonated 17 days total and now they are all cold conditioning in the fridge!

So, lesson learned!  Listen to the experts and follow the 2-2-2 rule!  It's crazy how much difference it makes in the taste and carbonation of your home made brew!

I will definitely do a video soon to show a taste test and give you a better idea of how it looks.

What's Next With my Home Brewing?

Well... I had ordered another extract kit to get started in the Mr Beer fermenter.  It's called Sticky Wicket Oatmeal Stout.  YUM!  It's been fermenting for 5 days now so it'll go the full 2 weeks.. OR MORE before I can bottle it.  I did a little something different when I made it so I'll do a post on that sometime soon as well and I'll also talk about how I'm going to batch prime this one instead of bottle prime!

Also, I've purchased the equipment necessary to do 5 gallon batches and I have a Brown Ale extract kit ready to make as soon as I get time!

Lastly, as you will see in the video below, one of the guys on one of the beer forums was talking about balloon wine that his dad made when he was a kid.  I think in the video I said it was his grandpa or something but it was his dad.  Anyway, since we love wine I thought I would give it a shot so you'll see my concoction in the video below!  Also below the video I'll have the ingredients in case you want to give it a shot!

Be sure to ask questions if you have any!

That's it for now... keep checking back for who knows what?? haha  You never know what I'm going to get into!

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Balloon Wine Ingredients

(Courtesy of JSMOORE at the Mr Beer Fans Forum)

2 cans Welches frozen grape juice, (made as usual with spring water or filtered water).
4 cups sugar dissolved in warm spring/filtered water.
1 cup 100% cranberry juice.
2 packages regular 'ole grocery store yeast dissolved in lukewarm spring/filtered water, (NOT rapid-rise yeast).
Pour it all together in a gallon jug. Leave a little "head space". Stretch a big, heavy duty balloon over the opening and put it in a "room temperature" closet for 3 weeks. In 3 or 4 weeks, without picking up any of the sediment in the bottom of the jug, bottle however you wish. Eat, DRINK, & be merry!

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  • Suzanne Franco said:

    OK … I’m going to wait until you try your first batch of wine … LOL … I’m a “wait and see’er” on this one. The beer is a definite must. *SmiLes* Suzanne
    Suzanne Franco´s last blog ..Link Love My ComLuv Profile


  • Diabetis said:

    The only downfall that I see on making a homemade brew is that you are getting addicted to drinking a lot of it.
    Diabetis´s last blog ..Diabetic can easily felt hunger My ComLuv Profile


  • Beginners Blogging Guide said:

    haha you got carried away there! You forgot the 2-2-2 rule and excitedly tasted them haha

    But it’s nice seeing and tasting the fruit of your experiment :)


  • coffee tables said:

    hahaha sometimes being to excited gets you wrong. But Nice work jake, you really got it right in the end.


  • Beer Brewing Kits Guide | Beer Pong is Good said:

    [...] My Life as I See It » Blog Archive » Mr Beer Carbonation Update … [...]

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