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Is it a Man’s Job? Or is it a Woman’s Job?

24 January 2010 18 Comments

Me and a few other guys had an intresting water cooler discussion the other day at work... It all came about when I brought up my upcoming marriage and how it was almost here!  During the discussion I brought up how Misty and I want to have children.  Of course right off the bat, one of the guys said "have fun changing those #%#%%^ diapers!  HA!

That's where the conversation got interesting...  I've already raised a daughter and I've had my fair share of dirty diapers!  Did I enjoy it?  Of course not haha And to be honest, I tried to steer away from it as often as I could... I think that's pretty natural don't you?  :)

Anyway, one guy spoke up and said that the diaper changing was for the woman to handle and he asked me if I agreed?  So I paused for a minute as I pondered...  "Kinda" was my answer.  The conversation then escalated to the, what's a woman's job around the house and what's a man's job around the house type discussion.

I won't get into the entire discussion we had, but it did make me think.  And of course this topic has been debated over and over and over, but I've never blogged about it so here goes....

I realize that in today's world, and even the world we've lived for quite a few years, jobs, whether it be at the workplace or at home, should never be assigned to a particular gender.  And I also realize that statement changes with geography, age, religion and many other factors.  I don't think you could say anything is the "norm" anymore!

During the discussion, one guy made a point that his wife never did the yard work, the mechanical work on the vehicles etc etc... And he never did the cleaning, diaper changes etc etc.  And he stated how that worked for them.  BUT, he also stated that he thought that's the way it "should" be!

Of course the discussion went all over the place about who was right and who was wrong, who's responsibility fell on which jobs around the house etc etc...

So, what's Jake's opinion?

My opinion is... whatever works just do it!  I don't have a problem cleaning, washing cloths or doing any type of housework.  I don't mind changing diapers, feeding the baby or whatever comes along.  And in all honesty, I really wouldn't want to see Misty have to get out and take care of the yard, work on my truck or her car if it's broken, fix the washer or dryer and that sort of thing.

I just feel like that's my place to take care of those things.  Don't get me wrong, men AND women are perfectly capable of doing anything around the house, whether it be cleaning, changing diapers, or changing the oil in the car.  And I know some women do those things and enjoy it!

I can also see where couples tend to argue over things like this... one of the guys in our discussion talked about how he and his wife argued about this sort of thing quite often.  His argument was, if something breaks around the house, she expects him to take care of it.  He took care of all the "outside work", and repairs around the home and that sort of thing.  So he expected her to take care of the other jobs, washing cloths, changing diapers etc etc...

Again, I have no clear cut answer on this, other than what I've already stated.. Whatever works for you as a couple, then go for it!

I think Misty and I work together great!  We've always pitched in to help each other and just take care of what needs to be taken care of.  If it's something she can do, she'll do it.  If it's something she can't handle, I'll do it and vice-versa.

So what's YOUR opinion?

How Do You Feel About "It's a Man's Job" or "It's a Woman's Job"?

Do you have these type discussions in your home?

SPEAK UP!  Don't be SCARED to voice your opinion haha

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  • Caroline said:

    This is definitely a hot-button issue in relationships! It seems to me each person takes on the roles that suit his or her strengths, interests, and capabilities, but unfortunately sometimes there’s friction involved. However, I’m amazed that your discussion with coworkers about household chores/obligations included diaper-changing. It’s my opinion that childcare doesn’t belong in that category at all. Two parents who share a love for each other and for their child should want to share equally in the experience of raising that child – the good, the bad, and the dirty diapers. It’s a fact of life! My humble opinion…..


    Jake Reply:

    Very good points! I have to agree! When it comes to the child, whether it’s a “dirty” job or not, it shouldn’t be in the same category as “chores”. Although most of the time it does end up in that same category!

    Thanks for the comment!


  • Misty said:

    As long as you wash the tub, I’ll do anything!!! (ha!) Although you may not want to see the yard after I get a hold of it and I doubt you trust me to crawl under the truck and change the oil. I barely know how to pump up a tire! Dirty diapers? We’ll share the job! I can’t wait!!!
    I love you!


    Jake Reply:

    I got it covered ;) You just be your beautiful self and that’s enough!

    I can’t wait either babe! And I’m gonna invent a baby bottom washer! HA!

    i love u 2


  • Mark - Niche Store Builder said:

    Man… you just opened a can-o-worms huh?

    I fall into the category of equal partnership in everything! Cooking, cleaning, everything… and I am more than happy to help with anything that needs to be done, including the changing of diapers! (Looking forward to getting old-er, just so I can change Kims! – I know, sick)

    Also – did you change your feed? I thought you had quit updating… nothing ever pops into my reader any more!


    Jake Reply:

    YO Marky Mark.. Yeah I haven’t stirred things up in a while so I thought it was ’bout time haha

    There ya go! I had you figured for such! Not many of us type guys around huh? ha!

    Hmmmm.. I actually thought about Misty having to change my diapers (age difference) but didn’t put it in the post LOL

    Nope, haven’t touched it?? I see it on my google page and others see it? Hmmm… what up wit dat?


  • Ashley Jayne said:

    ugh then you have those single moms who have to find a way to do it all themselves :P jk thank goodness i have family who helps me on those “man” jobs… i’ve never mowed a yard in my life! Now if i could just find a woman to come clean the house….


    Jake Reply:

    I can’t imagine girl.. YOU deserve so much for being a single mom! I know you do have help, but I also know it gets tiring!

    Yeah, you don’t get that from me.. I half way enjoy cleaning haha


  • Phizzle said:

    If you wanna stay happy just do what she says! And as far as the diapers go…it’s really hard to complain changing the diaper of something you love so much!


    Jake Reply:

    Right right… wonder if we’d have the same attitude if it were the old days when they had cloth diapers? haha


  • Laura said:

    Ha! So with my first baby, I wanted no one to help. Over protective and just did not mind. Then when I had my girl, well, its a girl and I did not let anyone change her. I have been fortunate to be home with them.

    I do have a list of For Him to do list:

    My solution “handyman”. Then everyone is happy. :)
    Laura´s last blog ..Blogs that Make Money Part 2 My ComLuv Profile


    Jake Reply:

    I’ve seen that in so many ways with first born babies.. People are so particular about every little thing.. Then by the time the 2nd one comes along.. it all changes haha

    Looks like my list! ha


  • Andrew said:


    I agree with you on this.

    Marriage is a team effort and there are no hard and fast rules about who should do what and when.

    It sounds like you guys are champing at the bit to tie the knot. When’s the big date again?
    Andrew´s last blog ..Should Google pull out of China? My ComLuv Profile


    Jake Reply:

    What’s up Andrew??!! Yeah it’s getting close and we’re both so excited! May 22nd!!


  • pen tablet said:

    Like many people say: this is the world of men (male men ;) ). But it is obvious that in modern times there is no men job woman couldn’t do. Women could work even in very tough places like mines, ships or in army.


  • Derek Bingham said:

    Hey Jake! Why you have to come up with such a great post? I want to give you my 2 cents but my lady might link to your blog and kill me! Ha Ha Ha

    So I am sending you my comment telepathically! Hope you know how I feel on this topic. You know I got your back bro but you know this is a dangerous topic to comment on. LOL
    Derek Bingham´s last blog ..The Dream Maker Of Giants My ComLuv Profile


    Jake Reply:

    What iz up D! Haha I hear ya man.. I definitely know it’s dangerous..


  • Derek Bingham said:

    Yes it was almost like a setup! LOL hahaha
    Derek Bingham´s last blog ..Ebay Power Seller Journey – First Item Locked & Loaded My ComLuv Profile


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