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I Married My Best Friend!

3 July 2010 3 Comments

I'm gonna try and not make this a book, but I do have quite a bit to say so grab a beer, a coke, a glass of milk or whatever it is you drink and read on haha..

Wow, I haven't blogged in months and now 2 in one day??  I've been meaning to write about some things but...  well just READ THE POST BEFORE THIS ONE and you'll see why I haven't.

Our Wedding

wedding-1It's such a wonderful feeling to be happy, to feel complete, to know you're with the right person and that you're enjoying life!  Misty and I were engaged June 21st of 2008, and on May 22nd of 2010, we were married.  The weeks leading up to the wedding were insanely busy and with the death of my sister just a few days before the wedding, the emotions that were going on in my mind... well I can't even put into words the emotions that I was feeling that week!wedding-2

Our wedding took place at the beautiful Round Peak Vineyards.  Since it was an outdoor wedding, there's always that thought of "how's the weather gonna be" in the back of your head.  Well, the entire morning of the wedding day, it rained off and on and as it got closer to ceremony time, Misty was getting VERY stressed haha.  I say that only because I was as cool as a cucumber and just ready to take it all in and enjoy the day no matter what!  Well the rain was still coming down right at 3:00, but thanks to some advice from our weatherman (THANKS J.T.) we just gave it a few minutes and by 3:15, the rain stopped and the sun came out!


I'm not going to go over every little detail because it would take forever to type all my thoughts, but the wedding was AWESOME!  Everything came together just perfect and the ceremony and reception turned out great!

I wish everyone could have what Misty and I have.  She changed my life for the best and I am THE luckiest guy on earth to have married such a beautiful, thoughtful and wonderful person!

Our Honeymoon

Well, the wedding was on a Saturday and we took the next day to get ready to fly out the following Monday morning to what would end up being an AWESOME honeymoon!  I'm so glad we decided to wait until Monday and not have to rush around and fly out the day after the wedding!  Why do people do that?? haha

Again I'll try and not make this too long.. I could type all day about the wonderful experience we had in Mexico but I'll keep it as short as possible and then you can watch the 2 videos below.  Ohhhh, and if you remember, I had such a fear of flying!  I never had flown before and that was the one thing I was so dreading!  Well, I LOVED IT!  My nose was to the window the entire time!  Of course we didn't experience any bad turbulence or anything so my thoughts on flying may change in the future if/when we fly again!  haha

Misty and I spent an entire week at an all inclusive resort in the Riviera Maya, Mexico.  The resort was one of the Palace Resorts called Aventura Spa Palace.  All I can say about that place is WOW!  We flew into Cancun and then had about a 45 minute buss ride to the resort.  When we stepped off the bus we were greeted by the staff and they gave us a cool, scented towel.  When we stepped into the lobby to check in, we were handed a glass of champagne.  TOP NOTCH!  The entire week was so much fun!  As you will see in the videos, we went on some great day trips and had a blast at everything we did!

Staying at an all inclusive resort is THE way to go!  Pay one price for the flight, the resort... all food and all drinks included.  Eat and drink as much as you want, whenever you want!  The swim up pool bartender Carlos, soon became our favorite person at the resort haha!  Seriously folks, if you can ever visit one of the Palace Resorts... DO IT!

The Ring

Ok, before I end this, I need to tell what happened when we went snorkeling!  One of our day trips was to the Isla Mujeres where we planned to spend the day shopping and snorkeling.  After a ferry ride over to the island from Cancun, those of us that were snorkeling got on another boat and headed out to the reef.  During the ride out, we got on our flippers, mask and snorkel and were ready to jump in and follow the guide along the reef and see all the cool fish!

A group of 10 jumped in with the first guide and swam off, Misty and I were in the 2nd group.  I jumped in and was getting adjusted and then Misty jumped in.  When she came up out of the water, she had the most horrific look on her face.  I had no clue what had happened but from the look on her face, something was wrong, and BAD wrong.  The next words out of her mouth was something I didn't want to hear!  When Misty jumped in the water, her diamond engagement ring slid off her finger and fell to the ocean floor!  You can imagine the feeling we both had at that moment!  She immediately turned to the guide who was standing on the side of the boat, continuing to help people jump in the water.  He didn't really seem to care about our situation.  As Misty was being taken away by the current, I adjusted my goggles and looked down in the water.  All I could see in the ocean floor was what looked like 5 or 6 inches of grass, all over the bottom and swaying back and forth in the current.

Well hell... at that moment I knew the ring was gone.  I turned to look at Misty and I can't even explain the hurt I felt.  That ring has a long story behind it and my heart was hurting for her, and at the thought of it being lost.  I looked back down in the water maybe 2 or 3 more times and then... HOLY SHIT!  I actually see the sun light hit the diamond on the bottom of the ocean!  I raised my head up to tell the guide that I had found it and as soon as I put my head back down to see it, I lost it!  I looked maybe 2 or 3 more times and locked in on it again.  That time I just kept my face down and put my hand over my head out of the water and started pointing to let the guide know that I saw it again.  I could hear Misty saying "he's found it, he's found it"!  It seemed like forever, but finally I could see the guide dive in from my left and head down to get it, only to see him swim past it, look around and then come back up.  Then he went down from a different angle and I guess from that angle he could see it sparkle in the sunlight.  He grabbed it and brought it back up to me.

To say we were relieved is a HUGE understatement haha!  Even though the water was crystal clear, it is a miracle that I saw it laying in that grass at that depth.  I figured around 12 to 15 feet deep, judging from how deep the guy was below me when he went down to get it.  If it hadn't of landed how it did, if the sun hadn't of been out, if I hadn't have looked once more... the ring would have been gone!

Sooo, what could have been a huge buzz kill and probably would have ruined the day and possibly the rest of the honeymoon, turned out to be a lesson learned (leave the jewelry at home haha) and also a wonderful time snorkeling!

Ok... time to end this... check out the 2 honeymoon videos below!

Thanks for coming by the blog and hopefully I'll be doing more post than I have been!

Our Honeymoon Part 1

Our Honeymoon Part 2

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  • Derek Bingham said:

    Hey J!

    You know I had to stop by and tell you guys congratulations!! I am very happy for you man and wish you guys many years of joy! By the way the videos was EPIC! :)

    Your Pal,

    Derek Bingham´s last blog ..How To Make Cash Money Online With Value My ComLuv Profile


    Jake Reply:

    Yo! What up D? Good to hear from you man! Hope err thing is going great for you and you’re still on track! I know you are!

    Thanks for the congrats! She’s the best and I’m the luckiest guy on earth!


  • george carter said:

    Hello Jakecpunut,
    I take your point, No male is an island, so the saying goes. How accurate. Nearly everybody demands an individual. The closest association any two folks can have is marriage. But no make a difference how near two folks are, there can however be complications in the union. It is no completely different in marriage. No make a difference how powerful the marriage marriage, there can still be friction between the marriage partners. This friction if left unaddressed or if addressed wrongly threatens to unravel the absolutely cloth of the marriage. How can you protect a marriage like this?


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