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Things I Used As A Kid That Are No More

11 October 2010 4 Comments

I visit quite a few forums and on one of the beer forums I visit, a guy started a thread and he titled it...

"Things I Used As A Kid That Are No More"

It was VERY interesting to see all the things that people started posting..  many of the things brought back a LOT of memories for me!  I thought I would share the list here at the blog for my readers...

As you can see, it turned in to a nostalgia type thing and not necessarily things you used, but just every day things that seem to have faded away...

If anything comes to mind that you don't see, feel free to comment below and add your "Thing YOU Used As A Kid that Are No More"


Rabbit Ear Antenna
Rotary Phones
5 digit phone numbers
8 track tapes
LPs, ELPs and 45s (if you don't know what these are, this is not the thread for you)
Mimeographed school work that got you high
Writing letters
Video discs (damn didn't they suck)
Coleco/Matell Football
Floppy discs
Calculator watches
Mood rings
4 hours+ of good Saturday morning cartoons
Lawn Darts (jarts) - the real metal ones!
Climbing trees and riding bikes
The old atari 2600
Space invaders
Missle command
Mr. Football (that spring loaded football throwing gadget)
Slide rule
The dial to change TV channels (walking to the tv to change them)
Pinto station wagon
The giant Sears catalog that was bigger than the LA phonebook
Apple II
The ability to use spare change as gas money
Reel to reel tapes
Tube amplifiers
Tube tester in the local 7-11 store
Passbook savings account
Carbon paper
2 letter prefixes on phone numbers
Pop machines where you had to put in your money then you'd open the little door and turn the crank thing next to the pop you wanted
The smell of roll caps used in a toy gun
Candy Cigarettes
Phone book
Five-digit phone numbers
Fire phones
phone booths and payphones
-phonebooks i.e. yellow pages
TV "remote control" with a cable attached to the TV
Pagers (can you believe I still use one at work?)
Cameras with film in them and "camera shops", where you went to have your film developed and buy new rolls of film.
Carburetors in cars
CB radios (remember "Convoy"?)
Expensive cars with huge 10-feet tall antennas on them, for their "car phones"
Farrah Fawcett poster
Metal roller skates
Playing Kick the Can well after dark
Playing Solitaire with REAL cards
Getting tobacco spit rubbed on my face after a bee sting
Evil Knievel Stunt Cycle
Going outside to play all day (and night) and not having to worry about getting abducted
Slot car racing
Sleeping-out in friend's back yards
Rock'em Sock'em Robots
Those cars that you inserted a nylon zip-tie sort of thing into and pulled to get the 'flywheel' going, then put it down and watched it go...about 20 feet.
Those stickers (came in a pack of inedible gum IIRC) that were goofs on popular products.
Green Stamps at the grocery check-out.
Those tall orange flags some people put on their bicycles
Balloons or playing cards in your bicycle spokes
Easy Bake oven
Balsa wood planes
Cinnamon toothpicks
Flintstones cigarette commercials
Cut off jean shorts
Green Army Men
Metal Tonka Trucks
AM only radios with a speaker in the middle of the back seat
Riding in the rear window on long trips
Pull tab soda/beer cans
Zotz candy
Poloroid cameras & self developing film
Peaked caps
Dial-up Internet
Stretch Armstrong
Big Wheel
Burning stuff with a magnifying glass
Buying Cigarettes for my mom at the supermarket when I was only 8 yrs old

And... I got tired of copy and pasting haha.. Hope you enjoyed the list.. Brought back a lot of memories for me and hope it did for you too!

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  • ashleyjayne said:

    ohhhhh so is this why you always tell me numbers as 9-0123? i always figured you figured i knew the 78 was implied…. hmmm

    most of these i had no clue :P but these are pretty awesome


  • Elijah said:


    Appreciate you taking the time to list them out… you don’t really realize how much “the world has moved on” until you stop to think about it…

    We actually converted to rabbit ears from cable over 2 years ago.. watch premium stuff online for free, get local stations for free… no cable bill.

    Green army men lol…


  • Klara said:

    wow what a fantastic nostalgic list:) memories came up in my mind. there so many thing— game boy, sega megadrive, sonic, commodore 64, the xt computers, the first 286 PC-s with the TURBO function, wich doubled the speed of the processor (from 16 to 33 MHz:)), the cards with cars, the radio controlled cars, bburago car models, plane models… and today?
    Klara´s last blog ..Ohrenkorrektion: die Behandlung My ComLuv Profile


  • gracia19 said:

    Wow! How long did it take you to write down all of these? I do recognize some of the thins you’ve listed! And thankfully, I also don’t them anymore! Thanks for sharing! have a great November!
    gracia19´s last blog ..The best Diet solutions to supplement weight loss My ComLuv Profile


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