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[9 Feb 2009 | 8 Comments | ]

We have ended the first week of the iPod Contest.  I’ve had some great response, lots of new visitors and subscribers! The contest will end this coming Friday February 13th at midnight!
After the contest is over I’m going to do a post on what I’ve learned about doing a contest, and some does and don’ts!
Have You Entered To Win My iPod?
The contest rules for winning my iPod are very simple.  You can read the original post and get all the rules by Clicking Here!  What’s interesting is, with so many …

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[6 Feb 2009 | 4 Comments | ]

What is up PEOPLE!  Man, I am so ready for this Friday!  It has been one nutty week and there’s been soo much going on!  I’m gonna try and throw some thoughts together and lay some things out and then we’ll get into this Friday’s video!
What’s The Friday’s Video?
Since I have a contest going on, I have quite a few new readers and subscribers.  So THANK YOU all for stopping by JakeCpuNut.com and I hope you find something here that makes you think, smile, laugh, cry, get mad…. something!  Also …

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[31 Jan 2009 | 20 Comments | ]

Free iPod Giveaway
Ok folks, the time is here!  For the past few weeks I’ve been talking about having a contest and giving away a nice little prize!  Well I think you will enjoy this prize and the contest rules are about as simple as it gets!
You ONLY have to do TWO things to enter this contest!
# 1 – Subscribe to My Life as I See It by Email
BE SURE TO TO CHECK YOUR SPAM EMAIL FILTER AFTER YOU SUBSCRIBE!  You will be sent a confirmation email that you will have …

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[16 Jan 2009 | 11 Comments | ]

Well…. here it is Friday again!  Another good week, another busy week and unfortunately another COLD week!  HATE IT!  My feet feel like fricken icicles right now!  I’m ready for Spring time!  If it’s gonna be this cold, then let it snow! haha
This Friday’s video is something different for ya!  After watching it you’ll probably wish i had put up a RUN DMC or AC/DC or something besides this! ha  Yeah it’s my FIRST blogging video and you can sure tell it’s my first one!  But, what tha heck, it’s …

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[11 Jan 2009 | 8 Comments | ]

Well, it’s Sunday after lunch and i thought i’d throw some thoughts, info and a few other things out there for you all…   I could probably write several different posts on all this but i’m gonna try and cram it all together!
Our Weekend
Man we’re having a really good weekend!  Friday Misty came home and had a surprise for me… a nice, thoughtful card that was really sweet… AND she bought me the AC/DC Live: Rock Band Track Pack for the Xbox 360! SWEET!  We’re gonna try and jam it out …

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[27 Oct 2008 | One Comment | ]

Congrats to Anita!  She won the Free Book I gave away in honor of my 100th post on this Blog!  Thanks to all of you that entered!  Be sure to keep an eye open for more FREE STUFF in the future!  If you missed out on the free book, you can still order it via this link!
Hope everyone has a GREAT week!  Don’t forget!  We have a HUGE responsibility to vote next week!  Get out and vote!  No matter who you vote for… VOTE!

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[22 Oct 2008 | No Comment | ]

Hey Folks, just a quick note to let you know there are only a few more spots left to enter for the Free Book, Get Real – Get Rich  Conquer The 7 Lies Blocking You From Success!  I apologize for not keeping everyone updated about the progress!  If you haven’t entered, do it now!  I’d say I will be drawing by this weekend for winner!
You can read about it and sign up for the drawing by clicking this link…
Free Book – My Gift To You!
Hope everyone is having a GREAT …

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[14 Oct 2008 | 4 Comments | ]

Enter to Win a Free Book – Details Below
I did my first post on this blog on Saturday August 23rd 2008.  Since that first post i have had a blast with this blog.  It’s always fun to be able to put your thoughts out there, not only for me, but for others.  I hope that in some way i have made you smile, laugh or maybe even cry.  I hope that i have also made you think.  I may have pissed you off with some of the things i’ve said, …