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[7 Jul 2009 | 6 Comments | ]

Today was Michael Jackson’s funeral and you’re probably either very caught up in it, or very sick of it.  Either way, love him or hate him one thing will be certain, money is being made and will be made because of his death…. and LOTS of it!
Everything from Michael Jackson domain names, to the Commemorative Michael Jackson Program that was sold at the funeral.  These items are selling like crazy over at Ebay.  I know the memorial service was going on today and all I’ve caught was bits and pieces …

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[3 Jul 2009 | 6 Comments | ]

OMG… as I sit hear Thursday evening to type up this post for Friday, it has been THE LONGEST day of my life!   Seems like it anyways… Working long hours at work because we’re off Friday and of course when you’re excited about having a long weekend and holiday, the last day at work seems to take forever to end!  But 5:00 finally came and the weekend has started!  Misty and I have been looking forward to this July 4th weekend for a long time!
Friday I’ll be on the golf …

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[1 Jun 2009 | 31 Comments | ]

Well it’s been a while since I just started typing about something and not really having a specific direction that I want to make a point about…  So since I’ve been thinking about “Religion” and what it means to me, I thought I would just type out my thoughts.  Not necessarily to see what kind of reaction I get, if any, but just to see my thoughts written down.  Seems like I always learn something from myself, and about myself when I do that hahaha
First things first, I don’t want …

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[11 May 2009 | 12 Comments | ]

This morning, I’ve heard it on TV and the radio about the cost of stamps going up again! It’ll cost a big ole $0.44 to mail something!  Up 2 cents!
Now in the title of this post you see the big “WHO CARES” when I guess it should have read “JAKE DOESN’T CARE”!   Why?  Because Jake doesn’t use stamps!  Well at least it’s a very rare occasion that I use stamps because I never mail anything!  What was funny though is hearing folks bitch about it …

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[3 May 2009 | 21 Comments | ]

On Sunday mornings, Misty and I are usually up pretty early and most of the time we head out for breakfast to one of “Mayberry’s” locally owned restaurants called The Derby.  Since we had a late Saturday night and slept in a bit, and since the rain made for a lazy Sunday morning…. we decided to eat at home.  Since we hadn’t been to the grocery store and were about out of everything, my poor stomach was GROWLING!  No bread, no poptarts, no milk for cereal… no nuttin!   Ohhhhh but …

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[10 Apr 2009 | 21 Comments | ]

This week FLEW by for me!  It’s been a great week for me and I hope it has been for you!  Are you ready for the weekend?  I AM!
Yeah it’s Friday so you know what that means… it’s time for Friday’s Video!
From time to time here at “My Life as I See It” and on other blogs I visit, I’ve mentioned that I’m from “Mayberry”.  Now if you don’t know what Mayberry is, then well…. I don’t quite know what to say to you haha.  Mt. Airy, NC or Mayberry …

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[24 Mar 2009 | 11 Comments | ]

Today I had my yearly appointment with an eye doctor.  I say “an” eye doctor and not “my” eye doctor because I had to switch this year because of insurance puproses.  It went well and now I guess I can say he’s “my” eye doctor.  My vision is great with glasses, but I have unfortunately gotten to that age where I can’t see squat up close.
Bad vision runs in my family… This picture is of me goofing off wearing my Grandpa’s glasses from way back when… I’m thankful my eyesight …

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[14 Mar 2009 | 9 Comments | ]

Well it’s Saturday morning and it’s fricken cold and rainy AGAIN here in the NC foothills!  I guess that’s a good thing since the ACC tournament is going on and we’ll be in front of the TV quite a bit today anyway…  Makes for a good day to get caught up on all the computer stuff I’m behind on as well!!  Now if that coffee will ever get done!
Brandon, over at The Almost Millionaire, was kind enough to tag me with the Meme thang hahaha..  What the hell is Meme?  …

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[7 Mar 2009 | 8 Comments | ]

Catchy title for a blog post huh?  Well it’s not mine!  It’s actually the title to an mini E-book I want to talk to you about!
If you’ve been around my blog much, you’ve seen comments on my posts from time to time from Divinity Rose.  I also have a link to her in my Favorite Blogs section.  I got an email from Divinity about her new E-book entitled They Said I Was a Boob…Or did they say “nice boobs”?
She also asked me if I wanted to do a blog …

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[3 Mar 2009 | 13 Comments | ]

Well here it is, the middle of the week!  Let’s talk about something besides Blogging and Internet Marketing!
I heard a little blurb about this on the radio the other day and did some looking around and found some interesting things I thought I’d share with you all!  You may already know about these things or you may not!  Either way, I hope you learn something!  If nothing else, I hope it makes you scratch your head and say “I never thought of that” ha!
7 High-Tech Problems You Can Fix With …