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[3 Jul 2010 | 4 Comments | ]

It’s pretty damn sad that I haven’t written any post on my blog since April!  I’m such a slacker! ha!  Actually, there have been some good reasons and not so good reasons for me not blogging in such a long time…
The Not So Good Reasons:
Lazy! (when it comes to blogging)
Loss of interest!
For someone that has so much to say, and has an opinion about pretty much everything, and has so much going on in his life, you would think I would take time and share it with the world as …

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[28 Dec 2009 | 4 Comments | ]

Geez…. for somebody that has an opinion on just about everything, you’d think I’d be blogging more huh?  Well… as if you didn’t already know, I have taken a little hiatus from this blog  “My Life as I See It”.  Why?  Cause I wanted too 
haha.. seriously, there are a few reasons why I’ve not been blogging much.  It’s surely not because I don’t have anything to say!
With the holidays, being busy with other things and just plain, outright BORED… I needed a break!
But, rather than type it out, …

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[5 Sep 2009 | 3 Comments | ]

What’s up folks…  I’ve been meaning to do a post on this for a couple of weeks now and finally getting around to it!  If you’ve followed my blog for any amount of time, you know there are a handful of tools that I use that I brag about often!  A few months back I got a tool that has REALLY paid off and I wanted to share it with you all!
Get Out Of My Face!
Fist off… how many websites do you visit that has a big ole ad pop-up …

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[17 Aug 2009 | 10 Comments | ]

Soooo… How many of you Internet Marketers out there who are affiliates with the Ebay Partner Network (EPN), have struggled finding “Niches”?   I know I have!  Of course there are the essential tools that you need to use when researching your niche, such as the Google adwords Keyword Tool, Wordtracker’s FREE Keyword Suggestion Tool, market research at Terapeak and the countless other keyword tools that are out there! But sometimes it’s hard to come up with a great niche… right?
What if your next money making niche idea was right under …

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[24 Jul 2009 | One Comment | ]

OMG is it finally Friday?  It has been a RIDICULOUS week at work and at home!  Way too busy at work and way too busy at home!  It’s the weekend though and that’s what we work for around here!!  We are READY for the weekend and hope you are too!
Last Friday’s video was a Tutorial of how to use the phpBay Pro Parameters.  If you’re not familiar with phpBay Pro, It’s an AWESOME plugin that you can use in conjunction with the Ebay Partner Network to make money online!  I …

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[20 Jul 2009 | 5 Comments | ]

Have you ever wanted your own Niche Website?  Then this is a perfect opportunity for you!
Do you already own one or more Niche Websites?  Then here’s a great opportunity to pick up another outstanding site!
If you’ve been following the posts lately here at JakeCpuNut, then you’ve seen me talking about the new Build a Niche Store Guide called The Number 1 Way to Make Money Online.  The post I did called, Are You Ready to Make Money Online, talks more in depth about the Build a Niche Store Guide.
Win a …

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[17 Jul 2009 | 5 Comments | ]

YEAH! It’s Friday!  I’m ready for the weekend…. ARE YOU?
Soooo, did you pick up The Number 1 Way To Make Money Online guide yesterday?  Well if you didn’t then you could have gotten it for $24.95.  The price went up to $44.95 but let me tell ya this… I SOOO wish I would have had that guide when I was just starting my Internet Marketing venture.
And to be really honest, even if you’re a veteran it’s worth the 44 bucks!  Kelvin and Adam, creators of the Build a Niche Store …

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[13 Jul 2009 | 19 Comments | ]

UPDATE! The 9 Step Guide to The Number One Way to Make Money Online is now Available!  Price goes up to $44.95 tomorrow! Get it for $24.95 today!
Kelvin & Adam Have Made The   $24.95  Price  Permanent!
Get YOUR Guide and LEARN to EARN today!

What’s up folks!  If you’ve followed this blog for any amount of time, then you’ve read about my venture into Internet Marketing and how I make money using the Internet.  It’s an amazing opportunity that many people do not realize exist and the possibilities are endless!
Whether …

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[22 Jun 2009 | 7 Comments | ]

One thing I try not to do is to check my stats every day.  If you do any kind of Internet Marketing then you know exactely what I mean.  This post isn’t one of those “don’t spend time checking your stats every day” posts, because I’m just the opposite hahaha…  It’s not like I spend a huge amount of time checking my stats, but at least once a day, or every couple of days, I’ll log into my cpanel and see what kind of traffic I’m getting and how many …

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[29 May 2009 | 7 Comments | ]

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Earlier in the week I mentioned how my golf game is sucking!  I also made a reference to Internet Marketing and how the two are kind of alike… Now how could golf and Internet Marketing have anything in common?
I’m a firm believer that in just about everything, sports, art, etc etc..  people either have a knack for it or they don’t!  If a person has a knack for something, then it’s easy to pick …