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[24 Jul 2009 | One Comment | ]

OMG is it finally Friday?  It has been a RIDICULOUS week at work and at home!  Way too busy at work and way too busy at home!  It’s the weekend though and that’s what we work for around here!!  We are READY for the weekend and hope you are too!
Last Friday’s video was a Tutorial of how to use the phpBay Pro Parameters.  If you’re not familiar with phpBay Pro, It’s an AWESOME plugin that you can use in conjunction with the Ebay Partner Network to make money online!  I …

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[17 Jul 2009 | 5 Comments | ]

YEAH! It’s Friday!  I’m ready for the weekend…. ARE YOU?
Soooo, did you pick up The Number 1 Way To Make Money Online guide yesterday?  Well if you didn’t then you could have gotten it for $24.95.  The price went up to $44.95 but let me tell ya this… I SOOO wish I would have had that guide when I was just starting my Internet Marketing venture.
And to be really honest, even if you’re a veteran it’s worth the 44 bucks!  Kelvin and Adam, creators of the Build a Niche Store …

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[22 Jun 2009 | 7 Comments | ]

One thing I try not to do is to check my stats every day.  If you do any kind of Internet Marketing then you know exactely what I mean.  This post isn’t one of those “don’t spend time checking your stats every day” posts, because I’m just the opposite hahaha…  It’s not like I spend a huge amount of time checking my stats, but at least once a day, or every couple of days, I’ll log into my cpanel and see what kind of traffic I’m getting and how many …

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[5 May 2009 | 7 Comments | ]

Back in March I did a post called “How To Make Money With phpBay Pro”.  Some folks have realized it’s potential and jumped on it and are making easy money already!
I’m not just saying that either folks… Many of you that visit this blog already have a blog of some sort.  If you ever realize what you can do with the Ebay Partner Entwork and phpBay Pro, you’ll probably slap yourself and wished you had gotten it a long time ago!
Anyway, a buddy of mine has purchased it and was …

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[29 Mar 2009 | 16 Comments | ]

In a recent post called It’s Friday – How Do I Let Go, I mentioned that this month was another record earning month for me.  The Internet Marketing business just gets better and better and as I said in that post, the hard work is paying off!
When I mentioned in that post that I had my best month ever… it must have peaked some interest because I’ve gotten some emails asking what tools I use.  I use several different Internet Marketing Tools to make money, but I LOVE the …