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[11 Oct 2010 | 4 Comments | ]

I visit quite a few forums and on one of the beer forums I visit, a guy started a thread and he titled it…
“Things I Used As A Kid That Are No More”
It was VERY interesting to see all the things that people started posting..  many of the things brought back a LOT of memories for me!  I thought I would share the list here at the blog for my readers…
As you can see, it turned in to a nostalgia type thing and not necessarily things you used, but just …

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[24 Jan 2010 | 18 Comments | ]

Me and a few other guys had an intresting water cooler discussion the other day at work… It all came about when I brought up my upcoming marriage and how it was almost here!  During the discussion I brought up how Misty and I want to have children.  Of course right off the bat, one of the guys said “have fun changing those #%#%%^ diapers!  HA!
That’s where the conversation got interesting…  I’ve already raised a daughter and I’ve had my fair share of dirty diapers!  Did I enjoy it?  Of …

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[11 Nov 2009 | 20 Comments | ]

From one of my favorite books…
Each moment can change the rest of your life and the course of your direction. If you are not intentional with your actions, you will plan to fail. Successful people operate from the beat of their own drum, but they are intentional. Successful people don’t become successful by accident, it’s sheer practical application. You have to make at least one move toward your goal every single day. You have to dedicate a part of every day to doing what you love. Don’t just talk about …

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[3 Nov 2009 | 15 Comments | ]

So, Monday evening Misty and I made our weekly trip to our local Walmart to restock on food and necessities.  After visiting the non-food side to get the doggie treats and such, we headed to the grocery side!
WHAT???? Do my eyes deceive me???? Walmart in Mt. Airy, NC “Mayberry” is selling wine and beer????
Now I’ve blogged about “Mayberry” being in the heart of the Bible belt before, and I realize the subject of “beer” or any other alcoholic drink is a VERY touchy subject for some people.  I definitely …

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[29 Oct 2009 | 20 Comments | ]

As I write this, I could sure use a tall cold beer or a nice large glass of wine hahaha..   Not many things get on my nerves, but my neighbors yapping dog is just about to feel the wrath of Jake haha!   I feel better just writing about it 
Anyway…  yeah I’m still being a slack ass here at the blog… just too much going on right now!  One of my buddy’s and I have partnered up and made a rather large purchase of items to resell.  It’s going …

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[28 Sep 2009 | 15 Comments | ]

Just a quick post this evening…
JakeCpuNut “My Life as I See It” FINALLY has a new theme!  Sunday night I decided to take the plunge and change my wordpress theme.  I’ve been talking about it forever and actually was dreading it, but it wasn’t near as bad as I thought it would be.
It always makes me nervous when I change themes!  I’ve never changed the theme here at this blog, but have on some of my other websites.  I actually have another website that I am building, and I’m using …

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[22 Sep 2009 | 9 Comments | ]

And I didn’t have much ability to begin with….
Now I’m not talking about writing as in blog posts, or ideas or anything along those lines, I’m talking about penmanship!  When it comes to penmanship, well I just suck!  I realize they say most guys don’t write pretty, but mine has gotten far beyond chicken scratch as some call it.  I remember way back when I was in school, I always struggled with neat hand writing.  I dunno if I just didn’t pay enough attention, or just never had a knack …

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[20 Sep 2009 | 8 Comments | ]

Two weeks ago, I was out for my weekly round of golf and as I blogged about two weeks ago, I had to make about a 10 foot putt to make par on hole # 9 to have a final score of 39.  I’ve had a goal this year to shoot in the 30′s for 9, and today, I DID IT and I AM SO PROUD OF MYSELF!

Here’s the crazy thing… I tried to not pay attention to the score today, but when we finished up on hole # 8, …

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[19 Sep 2009 | 11 Comments | ]

What up folks… it’s the weekend and I hope everyone is having a GREAT one!
I need some help here…  I’ve been meaning to try and figure this out and it’s probably something simple, but either I’m missing it, or it’s not as simple as I’m thinking it is….
If you’ve commented here on the blog, you’ve noticed that for a while you are having to have your comments approved.  I know that gets annoying and I’m finally taking time to try and figure it out!  Well I can’t figure it out …

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[14 Sep 2009 | 5 Comments | ]

Seems like forever since I’ve posted anything and I feel like a slacker, but so much has been going on and I at least wanted to get on here and speak my mind a little bit…..
First things first…  eXfuze Seven aka eXfuze 7, whatever you wanna call it!  I had written about this Super Juice or dietary supplement on two previous post, so if you haven’t read them… GO DO IT and watch the videos for heaven’s sake!
The first one was called    “Jake is Taking the eXfuze Challenge”   …